‘WTF is Alté?’ portrays the journey of friends and colleagues who built their culturally diverse community despite cultural and political constraints and have successfully carved an ever-growing, ever-welcoming niche that champions individuality in Nigeria. Culture pioneers such as Teezee, Boj, Santi, Odunsi (the engine), and Lady Donliare amongst the crop of creatives who championed this subculture through their music, video aesthetics, and lifestyle. The core idea is to stay true to oneself without conforming to existing traditions or cultural restrictions. This simple story aims to inform conversations that surround the Alté community with insights from its defining members.

STREETSOUK is a streetwear convention that
celebrates the vibrant streetwear culturein
Nigeria. Street Souk is powered and
championed by the youth and energized
by Power Horse since 2017 . The consortium
assembles Africa’s upcoming and established
streetwear brands together in one place;
creating new opportunitiesto reach
passionate fans and selling original merchandise
directly toconsumers.
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