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No matter whether it’s football, basketball or another team sport – is there anything better than spending the afternoon outside with friends and burn off energy? However, during the cold season it can be tricky to find the right sport to practice inside. But don’t worry, we’ll show you some cool trend sports to have fun with this winter. Football is played practically everywhere in the world, but a lot of people have no idea what “Futsal” is. Even though Football’s little brother is the perfect alternative when the weather is bad. Want to know more about it? We have the most important facts about Futsal!


Where does the term “Futsal” come from? The name “Futsal” has its origin in the Portuguese words “Futebol de Salao” and the Spanish words “Fútbol Sala” which both mean indoor football. The man who started Futsal was a Uruguayan PE teacher called Juan Carlos Ceriani. In 1930 he wanted to develop a version of football in which kids from all age groups could play together. It took about 20 years to establish the first official league, which was the “Futebol de Salao” in Sao Paolo, and another 40 years until the FIFA officially recognized Futsal as international indoor football version. Since then there have also been official world championships which, as in football, take place every four years. The first championship in 1989 had only 16 participating teams, however, the number increased to 24 teams in 2016. The current world champion is Argentina.


Futsal is the official and internationally recognised version of indoor football. The main difference to traditional football is the field, which is marked by lines like in handball. In general, there are quite some similarities to handball, making it possible to also play Futsal on a handball field. With the right friends, you can also rotate games. A normal game has two halftimes and lasts 40 minutes. During the match the teams, which consist of five players, can change players as often as they want. Like in basketball, fouls count for the entire team. Every player, including the goal keeper, may only touch the ball a maximum of four seconds. This makes Futsal a tactically fast and demanding sport! If a player holds the ball for too long, ball possession automatically switches to the opposing team.


Even though Futsal is not widespread yet, it has some well-known players with big fan bases. The players are generally very skilled in doing tricks with the ball and can move it extremely fast across the field. One of those talented players is Ricardo Filipe da Silva Braga, better known as Ricardinho, who was elected best Futsal player in the world a couple of times, earning him the nickname “O Mágico”. Another celebrated player is Alessandro Rosa Vieira, known as Falcão. He played for Brazil’s national team until 2016 and is highly popular with his fans for his impressive dribbling skills.

To give you a better picture about how Futsal looks IRL, we have a compilation video for you!

Got hooked? Get your friends together and organise a Futsal match! A lot of sports halls offer the equipment you need. The only thing you need to do is to change your spikes for trainers!

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