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The craziest underdog team victories

The best things happen when you least expect them. Especially in sports. When a famous and well-established team wins a tournament – it usually doesn’t seem like anything special. When an underrated team wins, there’s something magical about it. Underdogs, in some way, catch people’s attention and make people react emotionally. Stories of such teams are inspiring and at the same time they show that nothing is really impossible. We’ve listed some of the craziest underdog stories to date. They will give you goosebumps right away! 

Premier League 2016


Their story is considered one of the greatest underdog stories in football history: Leicester City is a team no one really talked about at the beginning of the 2015-2016 season. In 132-years of history they had never won a title yet they miraculously won the Premier League in 2016. In 2014-2015 Claudio Ranieri’s team was battling to escape the relegation zone. Only one year later they unbelievably defeated world-famous teams like Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and many more. Here’s a little movie of Leicester’s epic moments during the course of last season – a summary of an amazing football-fairytale. Goosebumps!


Kirk Gibson’s homerun at the World Series 1988

It is still considered one of the greatest homeruns of all time. In 1988, the underdogs, the Los Angeles Dodgers, surprisingly beat the New York Mets and reached the world series  after having lost 10 out 11 games during the regular season. In the world series they played against the favorites, Oakland Athletics. Dogers star player Kirk Gibson got sent onto the ballpark in the 9th inning, almost at the end of the game. He had sustained injuries to both legs but against all odds Gibson hit a spectacular homerun leading the Dodgers to victory. Watch this legendary baseball moment in the video below!


Miracle on Ice at the Winter Olympics 1980

During the 1980 Winter Olympics in New York, only a few seconds before the end of the game the historical „Miracle on Ice“ happened: The United States national ice hockey team scored the final goal and celebrated a 4:3 victory against the Soviet Union’s national team. The Soviet team was considered unbeatable at that time. The American team was made up of amateur and college players and had lost a game against the Soviet Team beforehand. Afterwards they went on to beat Finland and win the Gold Medal. Watch what’s considered as the top sports moment of the 20th century below!


European Football Championship 1992

The 1992 European Football Championship took place in Sweden. Ten days before the beginning of the tournament the favorites, Yugoslavia, were disqualified for political reasons. The Danish team which weren’t even qualified took Yugoslavia’s spot. Some of the players even had to come back from their holidays to participate in the preparations. That’s when the fairytale started: The Danish team didn’t have to satisfy any expectations, was under no pressure and just enjoyed playing football. Between the games they ate junk food and didn’t prepare at all. Surprisingly, they reached the final, beating the reigning World Champions Germany and winning the European Championship. An absolutely fascinating story from European football history!

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