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Finding the motivation for your daily workout isn’t always that simple. Even better if you have a crew you can count on and that helps you find the inspiration to exercise and give it all on every single day. Sometimes it takes more than just yourself to reach a higher level, be it a friendly competition or pushing each other. We picked the best activities you can do together with your best friends.


CrossFit is a particular form of training that combines a lot of different components and has been gaining popularity for some years now. Mixing muscle, cardio, stamina and flexibility training, CrossFit is a unique training method that appeals to a lot of different people, which should make it rather easy to get together a group to train with. And if it doesn’t work out after all, keep in my mind that CrossFit is also known for its strong community. After just a few visits to your local gym, training partners often become friends who encourage and motivate you to keep going together!


Box studios are experiencing a revival within younger generations, who rediscovered this sport as a holistic way of exercising. You can train in groups or in pairs – but don’t be alarmed: boxing is not about beating your best friends up but to strengthen each other and work on your weak spots. Also, there are a lot of sub categories like Thai-boxing or kickboxing, which you can also practice together.


If you’ve had enough of exercising indoors, why don’t you try biking for a change? We’re not talking about cycling to the next supermarket but actual day trips! What’s more fun than exercising with your crew in nature? It’s best to define a route beforehand to make sure that everybody has enough energy to finish, and that there are enough stops between. It’s also recommendable for mountain bikes or fixie bikes, according to the terrain of the route you choose. Maybe you can also plan for some overnight stays if the trip is supposed to go longer.


Spinning is another version of biking, that is really demanding. Better prepare yourself for a full hour of sweat-infused, highly motivating pedalling, because a spinning class is not for sleepy heads. Spinning classes are usually lead by an instructor who is really trying to include every single participant and push them to the limit. That’s why it is very important to carefully choose your training level. But once you start doing it, you definitely won’t be able to stop – because spinning is highly addictive!


If you want to stay flexible without a fitness studio, you can also team up with your buddy and exercise with a few simple training devices like flexi or resistance bands. Both of you hold the band in your hands while one of you does squats and the other one performs sit-ups. After ten repetitions, you switch. Small medicine balls are also great for easy exercises: Line up with your backs against each other and hand the ball over to your partner without twisting more than your upper body. You can also think of other routines, the possibilities are endless!

Now you got a first glimpse of how a group workout could look like. Meet up with your friends and discuss which workout fits best! Maybe you can try out a few before settling for a shared activity? You have no excuses left now!

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