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The 4 coolest team-rituals

We all know the feeling: it’s match day, the referee is about to start the game, adrenaline is rising and you can’t wait till he blows the whistle. Some teams invented really cool rituals to get ready before a game. Whether it’s to push the own team to the limit, get in the right mood or to frighten the opponents. One thing is for sure: these rituals let teams grow together. 

Therefore, we collected the four rituals which entertained, motivated and gave us goosebumps only from watching them. Now have fun with reading, watching and learning about those rituals. 

1. The Haka 

The oldest and most famous ritual of its kind is the notorious „Haka Dance“. The dance became famous in sports a long time ago in 1884. In that year, it was performed the first time by the national Rugby Team of New Zealand, the so called „All Blacks“. Since then they perform it prior to every single game. Originally the dance comes from the Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand. There are many different kinds of Hakas: on the one hand the dance is used by the Maori to welcome and entertain their guests, on the other hand, it’s also used to frighten enemies prior to a battle. So this dance is really everything but a gimmick: everyone who doubts that should witness the power of Haka before games of the „All Blacks“. Every opponent player who saw this ritual knows that these guys are not here for drinking tea. That’s why a lot of teams try to ignore this opening statement for example in turning their backs against the „All Blacks“. If it helps? 

2. The classic huddle 

This ritual is the all-time classic: the huddle. Teams do it at the beginning or at the end of important matches, so it’s not an everyday ritual. You can see it a lot in soccer, for example prior to knockout-matches in bigger cups or the soccer world cup. It works like that: the whole team gathers on the pitch and seconds before it starts, they form a circle to build a good team spirit. Most of the times, the captain of the team is inside that huddle giving a speech to get the players in the right mood. It’s also quite common that the team is singing or yelling all together. This ritual helps to grow the team together and gives the players some extra adrenaline and strong will for the important match. Check it out:

3. The dancing huddle 

The dancing huddle without any doubt belongs to the family of the classic huddle. The difference though is clearly visible: Instead of just forming a circle, screaming and 

motivating each other, players form a circle, let go and show some cool dance moves. The dancing huddle appears a lot in basketball. One player, encircled by his teammates, shows off his best dancing skills. This ritual clearly helps the players to calm down their nerves prior an important game. Also it makes a team stronger and helps to generate a better mood. Have fun watching: 

4. The Smartphone 

And last but not least we want to show you a funny video where the ritual doesn't fit in any kind of box, but we promise you, it’s worth watching this crazy freestyle ritual. The video shows a basketball team, including NBA-Superstar LeBron James, who suddenly pulls out his imaginary smartphone to take some imaginary snapshot for the (also imaginary) team photo album. This funny ritual happened in front of the Cleveland home crowd. We say: it’s a nice and entertaining act for the fans and at the same time relaxing for the players. Perfect! 

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