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We exercise and do sports because it’s a fun way to stay healthy and it makes us feel good. What, and especially when you take your meals is essential for your training progress. However, each sport requires a different kind of nutrition. If your aim is to gain muscle, your diet will be different than for cardio-workout. Below, we have collected the best ways to plan your diet according to your favorite way to stay fit: running, swimming or going to the gym!


What to eat before and after your run

Before running, you should eat easily digestible foods to avoid stomach cramps or sickness. In general you need more food the harder and longer you run. Early morning runners might have less glycogen stored in their muscles than those who run in the afternoon, since they haven’t eaten for 6-8 hours. So, it’s important for you to have at least a little snack 30 minutes before your run. If you’re an evening runner, wait for a minimum of two hours to make sure the food you ate  is properly digested. But after your run, dig into your meal because your body needs to replenish all the fuel that it just burned.


What to eat before and after swimming

You might think that eating nothing is the right thing to do before swimming. It isn’t - a small snack is better than no snack. Of course everyone’s body has different needs – some require more food, some less. Since there’s nothing more dangerous than losing energy while swimming in open water, it’s important to eat something, a small banana for example will do it. As many swimmers tend to experience reflux or nausea while swimming, you should wait up to four hours after having a large meal before you swim to let your body digest. Also do not drink alcohol and try to avoid spicy and fatty foods.


What to eat before and after gym

When you want to gain strength and muscle, it’s essential to choose the right food. Building muscles means you need to increase your calorie intake– the more you burn, the more calories you have to take in. But it doesn’t mean that you can just eat limitless amounts of food, what you eat is very important. Avocados are a source of good fat. As a pre-workout snack, have some fruit with yogurt or a home-made protein shake, which is awesome if you work out in the mornings.

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