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Last month you could already read an article about the popular sport of futsal, but really, everyone who knows soccer or even plays it, automatically knows some of the rules of futsal already! It often gets misunderstood as the mere indoor version of soccer, but we want to show you how different both sports really are and which skills you need to score in the game – whether it is in- or outdoors!


First of all, the terms football and futsal sound way too much alike to not assume that they are somehow related. And it is true! On our blog you could already read more about the history of Futsal and where the term comes from, namely from the Portuguese expression “Futebol de Salao” and its Spanish neighbour “Fútbol Sala“, which means “hall football”. So futsal is played indoors, while football can be played outside, on a field, or in a stadium. It’s this very difference that effects all other rules and requirements on a major level: the size of the playing field! While a football field measures between 90x45 and 120x90 metres, futsal only allows the size of maximum 42x25 metres. This limits the options of possible plays by a lot while also requiring players that are highly tactically skilled. Another very important difference: The maximum time of ball possession is limited to four seconds – very little time for players, who are maybe more used to dribble the ball for most parts. Because of the smaller playing field the number of players in a futsal match is also reduced. Each team is made up of five members, including the goal keeper. You can easily imagine how this leads to a whole different dynamic in the game. For that reason, players can be brought on an unlimited amount of time and in a rather fluent way, which also adds to the speed of the game. Speaking of speed: One half-time is only 20 minutes long!


Now you already know how futsal and football differ in terms of game play and rules. But what about the players’ skills? What do you need to bring to the table to become a professional?

The average professional football player runs about 10 to 13 kilometres per match, which can’t be compared to the performance of a futsal player who is much more trained for complicated tricks and fast plays. So, good stamina is an absolute necessity if you want to score on the football field, not only the ball has to cover great distances! Futsal players on the other hand are very famous for the cool tricks they can do with the ball. The professionals are able to play the ball around their opponents as if they were circus artists who try to trick their audience. They are fast and they are agile, but they also have the rival players on their radar at all times to score at the perfect moment. The swifter you can move over the play field the better you will be at this sport!

Both games demand a high level of discipline and training but also differ in the sort of skills their players need to develop. Which one of the two games would you rather play professionally?

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