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Best fun sports in 2016

Of course going to the gym is a good and effective way to keep your body in shape, especially if you're going to the beach a lot. Because let's face it, the beach is like the truth, a catwalk without all the fashion, that we all love going to. 

Now, doing sports with a motivated, cool group of people is way better. Sharing the energy, enthusiasm and spontaneous action is just priceless. Besides classics like beach soccer or volleyball, a lot of new exciting trends are popping up in 2016, and we made a list with the ones you should definitely try out with your friends check our list, gather your friends, and go for it! 

Zorb football 

This sport is, by a long shot, the weirdest kid in the game. But, it looks like a ton of fun. So what exactly is it? The game is mostly played by men encased in an inflated bubble. It looks like a huge ball and covers the player's upper body and head. Dressed like that, they play a rougher version of football (soccer). It is totally allowed to shove away your opponent or just run against them in full speed. If this is not every grown man's dream, we don't know what is. And to avoid this from ever getting boring, the creators added some fun versions to play it. Here are two of them: 

1) zorb bowling, and it's easy to explain. A group of people are bowling pins whilst one other person is the ball. Obviously his job is the fun one, he has to run into the others, trying to knock as many of them over as possible. 

2) zorb sumo: two people line up in a circle drawn to the ground, trying to push each other out of it. We love it. 

Check this out:

Stand up Paddle Boarding (SUP) 

Paddle boarding is, in our opinion one of the coolest sport. Why? Because it combines a lot of great things.

1.) It delivers a full body workout and thus has become a very popular cross-training method. 

2) Wherever water is, it can be done and that's the difference to traditional surfing. Whether it is on a river, a lake, the sea, or in a huge pool in your garden. 

3) Isn't it the coolest thing to paddle into the sunset with a bunch of friends? We say yes! Equipment you need: A stand up paddle board, a paddle, a PFD (personal floating device), a leash in case you fall off your board and that’s it. You’re good to go! 



This crazy sport involves water, at least two or three people, and a huge water trampoline or blob. We recommend going to a summer camp or a beach that provides professional advice and equipment. Because, it's totally worth trying. How does it work? It is really simple; one guy sits on the one side of the airbag or blob, which is normally about 10 meters long and 2 meters wide. One or two other people climb a platform on the other side of the blob, which is usually 10 meters high. I guess you can imagine the next step; the two people on the platform jump on the blob, so that the other guy gets thrown into the air and then lands in the water. Check out the video to see how it looks. 

HEADIS (header table tennis) 

If you love to play table tennis we are sure you will also love HEADIS. This awesome trendy sport is getting more and more popular all over the world. As you surely can imagine, and as the title suggests, it is the same as normal table tennis, but you play it with your head and a bigger ball. 

The rules are very similar to the original sport, except for a few little things. The ball is 7 inches, weighs about 100 grams, and it is made out of rubber. Another main difference is that volleys are allowed, which means you can strike the ball before it hits your own side. Each game is played up to eleven points and two sets, a player must be ahead by two points to win a set. 

We can't wait to try it out. 


Longboarding is growing more and for good reasons. First of all, it is not that much of an elite sport, the longer board is just easier to handle and gets a lot more speed. So you can use it to ride to work or go shopping or just for fun. Besides the easy everyday use of longboards, there are three more competitive styles of riding. 

1) Freeride longboarding, focused on tricks slides and grabs. 

2) Slalom: here you weave in and out of obstacles.

3.) And last but not least, we have the most extreme form of longboarding called downhill or bombing, where riders go down long hills as fast as possible. 

Check out these videos: 

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