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Sports are awesome hobbies. They keep you fit and healthy, they’re super diverse and always fun. But a lot of sports require special equipment, which is hard to move or rather expensive and therefore only for rent. That’s why we decided to sum up the five coolest sports which don’t require anything but your body – no equipment, no hassle!


Now, we’re not talking about some splashing around the pool when the heat is getting a bit too much or when you’re wasting time on the weekend. We’re talking about the brutal reality of swimming length after length, which will not only have a positive effect on your stamina but also on your back muscles without putting weight on it. You are at a clear advantage if you live near a public pool but you can also go swimming in a nearby lake or river!


If you train your body you can easily forget that a lot of exercises can also be done with just your own bodyweight! Whether it’s plunges or knee-bends, there is a myriad of exercises you can easily try without any gear, both indoors and outdoors. The best thing is to define the specific body area you want to train and look up individual exercises beforehand. Pro tip: Find a special place outdoors, where you can do your routine without any unwanted interruptions!


Ok, we admit that you need a ball and at least a couple more people for that one. But football is also one of the most effective trainings for your stamina – plus, it’s a lot of fun! In case you can’t find enough people to join you, you can also make up special rules like playing on one instead of two goals. When temperatures are getting low, you can also play a football game indoors.


This sport has been gaining more and more popularity in the past years. Originating in martial arts it can also be super effective as stamina and muscle training, no matter if you’re exercising in pairs or by yourself. The tricks and techniques that are used in Thai boxing will not only steel your body but will also teach you some good self-defense. It’s a win-win situation!


Jogging was yesterday. Free running is the new trend that combines running, climbing and acrobatics. It takes a certain skill level to really look cool doing it but once you get there, you can almost compare yourself to a real stunt man. The techniques you learn during the training are not only great for building muscles but also help improving your balance, your concentration and with estimating distances and heights. Soon there will be no obstacles left you couldn’t overcome!

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