All you need is energy

Zero Sugar

POWER HORSE Zero Sugar gives you 100% of what you want: Full energy with 100% taste, 100% refreshment and 0% sugar. It’s the ideal balance that perfectly fits a conscious lifestyle full of vital and dynamic challenges and a mindset of never looking back – a lifestyle just like yours! Like all POWER HORSE products the Zero Sugar is 100% vegan, halal and alcohol-free.

  • Caffeine

    The stimulating effect of caffeine has been known for centuries. It can be found in
    a variety of plants, like coffee beans and tea leaves. POWER HORSE contains
    32mg of caffeine per 100ml – roughly the same amount as in half a cup of coffee.

  • Taurine

    An amino acid which is part of many important physiological functions.
    Taurine occurs naturally in the human body and in food.

  • Vitamins

    A selection of B vitamins (B6, B12) contribute to the normal functioning
    of the metabolism, such as processing carbohydrates and proteins,
    and support mental performance and the nervous system.

  • Water

    Pure and fresh Austrian spring water is the foundation of all POWER HORSE Energy Drinks.


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