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It really doesn’t matter if you are a pro who travels to a different part of the world every week, or someone who has never seen an airplane from the inside. A good checklist, which does not only remind you of the most important but also of the most practical things to pack, is essential for traveling. We put together the ultimate list, so all that’s left to do after packing your suitcase, is calling up your best friends to start a relaxed vacation.

The essentials

One important thing to keep in mind: Before you can comfortably lay back in the bus, plane or car, you should have your accommodation booked for the days you are going to spend in the city of your choice. If you are more than three people it does make sense to book a larger place, like a house or an apartment – and don’t forget to bring the booking confirmation and your passport! One thing that is not an actual bare necessity but does make a lot of things easier, is a credit card. In most countries, it is possible to pay cashless. Moreover, it’s not recommended to travel with a lot of money anyway. A credit card solves this problem and also saves you the trouble of finding a place to exchange your money since (most) debits are converted into your own currency. On top of that, most credit cards already come with travel insurance – it’s like killing two birds with one stone! Make sure to also discuss the two latter points with your bank.

I’m going on a trip and I’m packing…

You remember the game. In terms of clothes, you should (of course) pack according to the weather of your destination. A light rain jacket is always a safe choice as well as comfortable shoes, otherwise you will already have painful blisters after the first day of sightseeing. You can probably also find most of the things you need in the city you visit, but remember that you can only bring a limited amount of liquids in your hand luggage, if you’re traveling by plane. People often forget to pack clothes like sleepwear, socks or swimming trunks, which are kind of annoying to buy in another city. But you can definitely find sunglasses on every street corner or a stylish hat, in case the sun gets too hot. Plus, then you already have a cool souvenir from your trip!


One thing you can never leave behind on a trip is a camera! Whether you are shooting with a professional DSLR camera or if you’re satisfied with your smartphone’s camera, you’re going to be happy to have taken photos when you are looking through the pictures you took with your friends long after the trip is over. Also, don’t forget your chargers for all the different devices. It’s often advisable to bring an extra USB cable in case you need to hook up your camera to a computer. Another practical device to bring along is a power bank that lets you charge your electronics wherever you go!

What are you waiting for? Call up your friends, fish out your travel bag and start packing – with our checklist, you are perfectly prepared for any trip. Oh, and don’t forget your tickets!

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