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Youth is fun, youth is revolution, youth is rebellion, youth is being different than the rest. There are youth-movements all over the world, each one lives by its own rules and laws. There are political ones, social ones, creative ones, the ones who share a passion for certain musical-genres or sports. They all have one thing in common: To stand out from the crowd. But which ones are the coolest, revolutionary and most funky ones? We put together a list of four examples of the most outstanding youth-movements worldwide: 

Let us present to you, the... 

1. ...Hipsters 

It seems like they just have gotten out of bed, do not care much about their look - but in a weird way still look„on fleek“. There are hipsters all over the world, but whoever considers him- or herself as one, is forced to move to Berlin, London or New York aka Hipsters Heaven. He wears glasses, skinny-jeans and of course a full-grown, manly beard. The female counterpart’s most important accessory is a high-bun or just plain messy, almost beachy hair, sneakers and second-hand over-size clothes. A gymbag is their favourite place to keep their belongings while visiting an electronic music festival or dancing to indierock music. Hipsters consider themselves as liberal intellectuals, are interested in politics, concerned about climate change and their own health. That’s why they like to eat organic, fairtrade, mostly vegan food in small, independet pop-up restaurants. Nevertheless, partying in famous underground clubs is a big part of their life-style. 

2. ...Megabiskate

Skateboarding for them means freedom, self-confidence and love of others. Ethiopian skateboard-group Megabiskate is a community of 200 young boys who share the same passion for skateboarding. They don’t dress in a special way or have special rituals – it is all about the sports. The group was founded by Israel Dejene as a weekend-retreat from the hard work these young people have to do during the week.
The word megabi means „giving life to others“ – according to this motto, they help each other out with gear and equipment and teach each other special techniques and tricks. In 2015 famous skateboarding legend Tony Hawk became aware of the group and donated hundreds of skateboards to them. 

3. ...Yoruba-Boys

He is one of the latest phenomena of the Nigerian youth: The Yoruba-Boy – also called the Yoruba-Demon. His signature look is a flowing agbada and a hat in any sort of color. Self- styled „good-looking-guys“ from a well-cultured part of Nigeria are really confident boys, which many women are drawn to. Above all his most important tool is a „side-phone“, along with carrying his main phone, so the Yoruba-Boy can stay in touch with more than one girl at a time. He turns up at every event possible and is very active on social media, especially Twitter and Instagram. He promotes his lifestyle, as well as his fashion through posting pictures under the hashtag #yorubaboy or #yorubademon. For the most part you can find him in groups of likeminded in the city of Lagos. 

4. ...Hip-Hoppers of Saudi-Arabia

Around the year 2000 and 2001 hiphop became more and more popular amongst the Saudi- Arabian youth. It’s not just listening to music, but a lifestyle mostly young men choose to live. Some of them wear wide Baggypants, bandanas, sunglasses and basecaps – mostly imitating the American way of style. Others renounce all the bling and mainly focus on the essence of hiphop and developing skills. Obviously, the scene is very diverse - there are different formations of Arab hiphop. Some are known for their controversial lyrics, expressing harsh political criticism, and spreading mainly social and political messages. Then, there are groups of artists, who mainly spread positive, uplifting messages through their lyrics. They are in no way similar to their american counterpart and do not use any forms of cursing or bad language. Expanded internet access and, of course, social media, have contributed to the fact, that this underground-genre is now getting bigger and bigger and reaching more and more young people all over the country. 

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