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If you and your friends want to make plans to spend a weekend together, why not take a weekend trip to another city? There are so many destinations to choose from – but these pieces of advice stay the same for any city:

1. Save time / money and travel with hand luggage

No matter if you travel by bus, train or plane – a simple piece of hand luggage will be enough for some outfits and other small items. That way, you’re not only more flexible compared to traveling with multiple or bigger bags but it also allows you to travel directly from the plane to your hotel, thereby saving time at the Check-In and with baggage claims.

2. Look for simple but well-situated accommodation

You don’t need to book the smallest room in the city, but keep in mind that you probably won’t spend much time at your hotel. Instead of focusing on facilities and service, look for a simple room within walking distance of the center. Therefore, not only do you save on transportation costs but you can also walk home more relaxed in the evenings without paying attention to which train or bus will take you home.

3. Prepare snacks in the morning for the rest of the day

When you’re on holiday, you always end up spending the most time and money on eating out. It doesn’t only take time to find good spots but once you’re there, you also have to spend time waiting on your orders – especially if the place is crowded. The best thing to do is to look for a supermarket close to your hotel and buy some snacks for the whole weekend. This way you can have a small breakfast in the morning and also prepare some snacks that you can take with you in your bag. In the evenings, you can take your time and enjoy dinner with a beautiful view!

4. The right clothes save time

If you spend the whole day doing sightseeing you often end up having a pretty tight schedule. There won’t be much time to go back to the hotel to change clothes for every little change in the weather. The better solution is to read up on the weather before you start your day and pack an extra sweater or jacket for the evenings if necessary. Also, keep in mind to bring comfortable shoes instead of stylish ones – or just combine both styles in one pair.

5. Rooftop bars have the best views over a city

Viewpoints are popular tourist spots in holiday cities. Unfortunately, they are often very expensive and have long queues in front of their ticket office. A good piece of advice is to look for bars and restaurants with a great view over the city beforehand. There are often restaurants with trendy rooftop bars offering a 360 view where you can enjoy the sunset.

6. Look for destinations that are close and easy to travel to

Depending on where you want to go for the weekend, it will take longer or shorter to travel there. It’s better to look for a city which is easy to travel to from your home city and therefore save time. You can try to find a ticket that will get you to and from the destination of your choice overnight – this way you really won’t waste a single minute of your free weekend.

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