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Breakdancers: Head Over Heels all over the world

The origins of breakdance date back to 1969, when James Brown released his single ‘Get on the Good Foot’. Along with it, a new dance style was born. He performed his acrobatic moves at every concert with an abnormal amount of energy and soon got his crowd fired up about this new type of dance. Kids around New York City started to copy his style and combined it with the art of dance-battling. The ‘Good Foot’ soon became ‘B-Boying’ and after that, ‘Breakdancing’, but there weren’t any techniques that we associate with today’s breakdance included yet. No windmills or headspins, just very simple, yet complex floor work and fast leg moves. Breakdancing soon spread all over the world and today there are thousands of crews. For many young people breakdancing was the only way to express their feelings – as well as being a place to release their energy. By practicing and learning from others, many of them won big battle championships all over the world and became famous. So, let’s get started and take a look at three of the most interesting crews from around the world!



In general, Hip-Hop in the Arabic country of Oman has grown since 2006. In the beginning, there were only three breakdance-crews, whereas today there are many enthusiastic groups all over the country. Most of them are inspired by the famous SNK-Crew. In 2001 Abdu Salam, a member of the crew, bought a DVD on a trip to Malaysia, which showed the famous breakdance-competition ‘Battle of the Year 2000’. He and some friends of his made copies of it and started to practice every day. Soon they had their first show at the French Institute and after a while, they even had their first B-Boy-battle competition, where they placed second. They became known for their individual moves and even BBC, the British TV-channel, featured them in a documentary. For the SNK Crew, dancing is not about fighting against each other, but about peace and respect between nations. Watch their mad skills at a battle against the Red Ants Army: 

The Ubuntu B-Boys (North-Africa)

Ubuntu is an African term and the name of the famous crew: The Ubuntu B-Boys. It means ‘I am me because of you’. The Ubuntu B-Boys started out in 2004 – every member has a whole different set of special moves. They won the World Championship a few times with their variety of style and still believe in the meaning of their crew name: standing together and teaching others that everything you do affects someone and everything someone else does, affects you. So, to sum things up: breakdancing isn’t just a hobby for them, but a lifestyle and a mindset. Here’s a short feature about the Ubuntu Boys:

Dancefloor Destruction Crew (Germany)

The DDC is a breakdance crew from a small town called Schweinfurt in Germany. In 1999 breakdancing wasn’t popular in their region so they started out with only four dancers and studied moves and steps by watching videos of other breakdancers. They even destroyed a dance floor by practicing at a youth centre after which they weren’t allowed to rehearse anymore – but at least that’s where their name came from. In 2007, they won the World Championship and made the finals at a famous German casting show named ‘Das Supertalent’. From then on, they became famous all over the country. Today, the DDC is known for their unique shows in which they combine various musical genres such as classical or German country music with breakdance: 

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