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Grammy nominated artist Bonobo performed at the Groove on the Grass festival along with an eight-piece band for the first time in the region, giving the audience the feel of the organic instrumentation. Yes, it was as awesome as it sounds.

For those who didn’t know, Groove on the Grass is one of the only home-grown cultural and music festival for EDM lovers. From glitter to yoga, GOTG has it all. There are various activities one could do while listening to the ecstatic music played by select musicians, Djs from around the world. If you have been to a GOTG festival, you would know that there are pop-up stalls and they always have awesome things in store, pun intended. Also, if all the dancing makes you hungry, GOTG has got you covered. The festival had a variety of food trucks, allowing everyone to re-energize anytime throughout the entire festival.

The event offered Bonobo fans the opportunity to have a custom-made Bonobo shirt in return, allowing the fans to remember this night forever with this awesome souvenir. Although it doesn’t seem like it could get any better, it did. Bonobo came on and took the audio-visual festival to a whole new level. The massive crowd could not stop jamming to Bonobo’s trip-hop experimental music. Even if you weren’t that big of a Bonobo fan, surely you were jamming out as well. Even after Bonobo got off, the audience did not stop dancing and having a great time.

With the mixture of fashion, food, art and Bonobo; this February was definitely one of the best GOTG festival yet, setting standards high for the next festival. Bonobo was a great way to mark GOTG’s sixth year to unite on the grass!  

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