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In November 2015, for the sixth time Abu Dhabi was transformed into the ultimate epicentre for everything that awakens a man's inner child and POWER HORSE was right there to witness it: visitors had the pleasure of witnessing a series of exclusive sports cars, an action-packed football match and, of course, many exclusive products and exhibitors.

There was more than enough to see at this globally unique luxury exhibition: powerful sports cars, luxurious aeroplanes as well as yachts and extravagant gadgets of every kind quickened the pulses of the big boys. Those who wanted to do were able to give it a go themselves, as in the "Supercars Test Drive Pit" 50 luxury vehicles by Ferrari, Lamborghini and co could be borrowed for a test drive.

"Big Boys Toys is an event that combines vehicles, gadgets and technology, that smash the limits of what was thought possible and that redefines rules," says Biju Jayaraaj, the organiser of the exhibition. Here is an insight into the top highlights of what there was to see at this exclusive exhibition.

Ortega Mk.1C
Need your own high-tech submarine for private jaunts under the sea? What might otherwise only be available to James Bond is offered by Dutch company Ortega Submersibles to anyone who can afford it. It is equipped for quick long-distance journeys of up to 120 nautical miles (222 kilometres) and can achieve speeds of up to nine knots (around 17 km/h) above the surface and eleven knots (around 20 km/h) under water.

The luxury submarine is powered by two electric engines and also includes a ballast tank, a built-in oxygen system and a high-tech HUD including a sophisticated navigation system with a magnetometer and 3D sonar, which allows navigation without visibility. According to the manufacturer, theoretical depths of up to 95 metres can be reached.

The basic model costs around 75,000 euros. But special requests are gladly received – and cost extra, of course.

Lexani Cadillac Escalade
The Californian luxury tuner Lexani this year presented a luxurious Cadillac Escalade concept with extravagant special equipment: the interior is made from refined carpet and leather; the controls and fittings have are covered in gold leaf.

Furthermore, the SUV has been made longer and higher in order to offer greater comfort. The surveillance cameras attached to the exterior of the vehicle and the Curved Smart TV, with 4K resolution and a 48" screen, installed in the interior are hardly even surprising any more.

Anyone who wants a standard edition Cadillac Escalade, which comes with a 6.2 litre V8 engine and 426 horsepower, has to pay at least 100,000 euros. This is likely to provoke little more than a weary smile from Lexani customers, as the refined, luxury version of the tuned Escalade costs more than 400,000 euros.

Schiller S1-C
The Schiller S1-C made its debut at "Big Boys Toys" – a bike that you can comfortably ride on water. You read that correctly: two chambers filled with air and a specially developed propulsion system ensure an average speed between seven and eight kilometres per hour. And if you really put some effort into it, you can easily reach 11 km/h, according to the manufacturer.

Construction takes just ten minutes. It can be ridden on both freshwater lakes and saltwater seas.

Valorado River’s Tone
The luxury sound system by Japanese startup Valorado is anything but a bargain, even for the heightened conditions of "Big Boys Toys". You have to fork out nine million US dollars to be able to call one of the boxes, made from 60 kilograms (!) of pure gold and several diamonds, your own.

That the sound quality is pretty good at this price goes without saying. In any case, the person responsible for this is the former Sony visionary Michio Sakamoto, who created both the design and the technology inside.

However, detailed technical information is not available, as the manufacturer wants to create a myth around it.    

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