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There are days when you just can’t seem to get into the rhythm. When it’s hard for us to gather the motivation to tackle the tasks that await us with enough power. Since we know exactly how that can feel, we came up with some ideas how to revive your energy just in time for spring! Here are our tricks how to start every day with the right amount of power:


Stress is a factor in our energy balance which shouldn’t be underestimated. Often enough you cannot avoid stress but you should try to find a good balance to reduce stress as much as possible. However, the best thing to do is to slowly but steadily eliminate things from your everyday life that stress you the most. You rush to work every morning? Why don’t you set your alarm an hour earlier and really take some time just for yourself in the morning! Just make a new habit out of it!


The right workout will not only help you to reduce stress but also to restock your energy reserves on a long-term basis. If you do just a few exercises a day, your body automatically loses less energy when it’s put under stress. You can easily improve your stamina, your blood pressure and your physical health by exercising on a daily basis. Just ask your friends to join you and make it a weekly or bi-monthly meeting!


We all have routines we follow each and every day. We take the same routes, use the same products in the morning, and live in a general state of oblivion. However, to break the daily grind is not as hard as you might think! Why don’t you turn your routine upside down for a change? Take detours, eat your breakfast for dinner, just do things differently for once. When your actions are less automated but more consciously executed, your brain will stay active and alert!


It’s not always easy but try and fill your head with positive thoughts every day! Not all situations demand an immediate negative reaction, a lot of things only seem bad at first sight. The more you try and make yourself aware of all the good things in life, the more you will feel happy and energetic every day.


Music makes everything better! It really doesn’t matter if you prefer hip-hop, techno or pop – the right music in the morning or during the day can help you find new motivation when you’re feeling low. Turn the music up to maximum volume and just sing along or even start dancing if you feel like it! The most important thing is that you enjoy it so you can get your energy back. We already have the perfect playlist to wake up to:

There are many other ways to keep your energy level up throughout the day. However, if you need the extra power from time to time, you can also treat yourself to an energy drink to really make your energy levels go through the roof!

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