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There are movies that a guy just can’t miss out on. Whether they’re comedies, action movies or classics – we got the cream of the crop for you: Here are the four most important movies you definitely have to watch.


We’re starting off with an absolute classic among action movies. Tom Cruise is acting as the hard-headed underdog, who gives everything to become the best pilot in his programme while falling head over heels for his attractive instructor. Inbetween daring flight stunts and riveting beach volleyball tournaments against his sort-of-nemesis Ice Man, we get to experience all the jaunty banter between Maverick and his co-pilot and best friend Goose. They just always seem to have a smart line on their lips, which not only makes people around them laugh but also the viewer! The underlying story is just as exciting as it is cool, and tells a classic tale of ambition, perseverance and the will to succeed. A real top movie!


Nobody’s cooler than George Clooney and his gang of clever crooks while they are trying to pull off the coup of the century. It also features Brad Pitt as Rusty, who shows a peculiar taste for eccentric shirts and absurd conversations. While the gang is attempting to achieve the impossible by robbing the high-security vault of a Las Vegas casino, they manoeuvre themselves into all sorts of crazy and unexpected situations. There’s a considerable amount of plot twists that constantly keep you on the tip of your toes and make you wonder whether George and the others are playing you just as much as Andy Garcia, the arrogant casino owner. Ocean’s Eleven makes it impossible to slip into boredom, especially also because of the amazing soundtrack by David Holmes.


No matter what kind of film list we are talking about, even (or especially!) when the list contains of four movies only – The Godfather must be on it! Francis Ford Coppola’s epic Masterpiece has influenced generations of directors and really only gained more and more importance even though it was filmed in the 70s. The class and style of Marlon Brando playing the head of the famiglia are only a few highlights in this movie that thrives on supreme dialogue and dramatically shot scenes. The Godfather received three Oscars for this incredible accomplishment. We would award it many more if we could!


Some love watching it during Christmas time, others prefer it during the summer – whichever way you enjoy the most, you can hardly deny that Die Hard is one of the coolest movies that have ever been made! Bruce Willis as the heroic New York Cop who fights terrorists while winning back his woman’s love, can be nothing but great. Only his cool attitude (and his hilarious expressions!) can contend with the nerve-wracking action scenes and exciting chases, the thrilling shoot-outs and astounding stunts that John McClane does throughout the movie. Not for the faint-hearted but always worth watching it!

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