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Motivation is the key to your fitness goals, but it is often hard to get in the mood. Sometimes all it takes is a little kick to get going again and what better motivational boost is there than music? We have you covered with our playlist tailored to a specific workout! It will not only help you stay fit and healthy, it will also help you find the motivation in yourself to go the extra mile. Check out our selection to get your blood pumping!

First things first: Get into the zone. Nothing’s better for getting into a workout mood than a song with a high tempo like “Adrenaline” by Zedd & Grey! Turn on the music as loud as you can and you’ll see: The endorphins will start rushing in immediately! 

The driving beat of Tiësto’s “Traffic” will definitely power you into your workout. Start with doing lunges. They are perfect as a starting exercise because they’ll warm you up and help you to gain flexibility for the rest of the workout!

Are you sweating already? Not enough. Next on the list: Mark Dekoda’s “Keep It Movin’” in combination with cycling! Just when you feel your muscles burning, the up-tempo beat will bring you back into the zone. 

Try to stay in time with the music. Bonus challenge: Can you sing along with the amazing Alan Walker Remix of Sia’s “Move Your Body”? You’ll see, it’s not that easy to train your legs and your musical skills at the same time!

OK, now you’re in the middle of your workout. Even if it’s just been 15 minutes, now’s the point where you might feel like you’re losing a bit of strength. That’s why you should really focus on the music of Armin van Buuren and his striking track “Strong Ones” to push away all thoughts of giving up.

Keep on going, you will easily find the energy once you feel your body move automatically to the rhythm of the next song: “The Hum” by Dimitri Vegas! Can you feel the heat rising with your blood pressure?

Time for cross punches! Stand tall with your back straight and take deep breaths. While you punch, let all the stress and bad feelings float away while powering yourself out to “Don’t Stop the Madness”! You’ll start feeling better in no time as long as you don’t give up now!

Just when the sweat starts pouring, we’re going to push you some more with Martin Garrix’ super motivational hit “Animals”! It’s time for push-ups! Let the energy of the song flow through you and push you to the next level. 

Push-ups can be exhausting but they’re also very effective if you want to build up muscles quickly. That’s why push-ups are an essential part of every athlete’s workout – just like “Sabotage” by Kura! 

Congrats, you’re nearly finished! Can you feel the endorphins you just set free? Last challenge for today’s workout: Squats! Deniz Koyu’s “Goin Down” will help you go for it one more time with full force. Just like push-ups, squats are full body compound exercises and very demanding. So, when you’re done with this workout there’s only one thing left to do: Be really proud of yourself!

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