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There are many sports that require not just a certain talent and a lot of time for training but also team spirit. If you want to play football, basketball or hockey, you need a team – otherwise your efforts will be quite ineffective. But what is the secret behind the success of great teams? Here are some of the habits that every accomplished sports team should have:

1. All team members listen to each other and respect each other’s opinions and feedback

Constructive feedback between players is one of the most important pillars of every team. But you also need to be open to hear it. Sharing your opinion doesn’t only mean criticizing others or pointing out mistakes but also giving positive feedback. If everything happens with mutual respect, there is little you can do wrong.

2. Everybody takes responsibility for their own mistakes

If you make a mistake, it’s important that you’re not only honest with yourself but also your teammates. Blaming other people for your own weaknesses will make you unpopular and stand in the way of true team spirit.

3. All team members know how to enjoy the game

You shouldn’t take a game that serious that you wouldn’t allow yourself to joke and laugh. A certain level of dedication is important to push yourself and the team. But successful teams also enjoy the game, even if they’re losing. They understand that, at the end of the day, it remains a game.

4. Every member trusts their team 100 percent

It’s important that everyone can rely on their team, so they can fully concentrate on their goal and act according to the team’s strategy. If players don’t trust their teammates, they not only risk losing the game but sometimes also their health.

5. Everyone in the team understands their job

Every team member should understand their tasks within the group, so everybody’s working towards the same goal. It’s important that everybody knows their purpose in a game, otherwise you’re bound for quite some confusion on the field.

6. Communication is everything

It really doesn’t matter which sport we’re talking about: When it comes to strategy and team goals it’s crucial that everybody is on the same page. Without clear communication and straight assignments no team will make it on a winners’ rostrum.

7. Every team needs a leader

It’s clear: Every team needs a trainer, a leader, someone who has a goal in mind and a clear head to motivate everyone. But what is an even more important quality in a coach: Even though every member of the team knows his purpose within the group, it’s the coach alone who carries all responsibility for the team. This is true for victories as well as defeats.

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